Paperwork & Monitoring

The service TAAS offers is fully comprehensive of all administration, and we can tailor the service to fit your individual requirements and systems. There is never any additional charges for administration or attendance at monitoring meetings.


As a matter of course all our Appropriate Adults complete a referral form during their visit to the police station. This records all the essential information about the detainee and the reason for their presence at the police station.


The referral form can be one that the YOT or SSD already uses, or TAAS can work in conjunction with the YOT or SSD to design a new form to record any information required. TAAS will then submit the forms after interview in whatever format the YOT or SSD requires, whether by e-mail, fax or post.


Immediate Reporting

Immediately following the completion of an appropriate adult referral, the TAAS representative will fax the designated referral form to the office. We will then fax over the information to the service user. Again this information can be altered to suit individual requirements, this ensures the commissioning authority has all the information it needs, as immedaitely as if a member of thier own team had attended the station.


Monthly Monitoring

On a monthly basis TAAS will collate and record all the information about referrals made to our service. Again this can record any information required by the YOT and SSD. We are also able to record the information required about appropriate adult referrals for YOTS as required by the YJB.


TAAS will e-mail this information over to the relevant parties on a monthly basis. An example of this monitoring can be seen on the next page, but again the information recorded can be altered to suit requirements.


Yearly Monitoring

TAAS will collate all the monthly figures for the financial year into figures for the year. This provides the service user with a detailed analysis of appropriate adult usage over the year. Again this can be altered to record any information required by the service user.


Examples of Monitoring Reports

Below is an example of annual monitoring we can offer:

Example of Appropriate Adult reporting


Example of Reporting and Monitoring for Appropriate Adult Services

Appropriate Adult reporting