Price vs Cost

When assessing what is in the best interests of the vulnerable person, it is the cost of the service that is important as opposed to the price. There can be no monetary fee attached to the liberty and future of a vulnerable person.

It will always be in the best interests of the young or vulnerable person, to have an independent representative, who is a fully trained, experienced and professional.


There are many hidden costs involved in using an ineffective or unreliable appropriate adult service:

  • Police over-time is increased
  • Custody Staff have increased work load due to longer detention of vulnerable people
  • Cells are full for longer leading to other stations being used or opened to house detainees
  • Youth Offending team staff are asked to attend stations in addition to their case loads
  • Young and Vulnerable people spend longer periods than is necessary in detention
  • Often over night stays in custody are needed, simply because there was no effective AA scheme.


Even in case where the voluntary based service is provided in-house, there are certain costs involved.


There will always be costs incurred both in time and monetary terms in training the volunteers. Often this cost is doubled or trebled throughout the year if volunteers leave, or more need to be recruited.


At least one or two people will need to be employed to co-ordinate the service. Often these annual salaries combined can be more expensive than the yearly costs of our service.


Often the administration costs of the in house schemes are hidden, the stationary costs and telephone costs would all impact on the local authority, without the real costs being realised.


A fixed annual rate for the provision of these Services. This price is almost always more expensive than the use of our service.


TAAS will not tie you in to any contract period, we can work on a completely ad-hoc basis. We require no retainer fees, and do not require any minimum levels of work. You can use us as much or as little as you require, and be safe in the knowledge that you will only be paying for the service when you use it. Recent studies demonstrate that the first year costs of running an appropriate adult service can be in the region of £96,000 whether this be a voluntary service or other. There are usually set up fees attached to the year 1 costs in addition to these charges. This is irrespective of the number of referrals made to the service. The set up costs of using TAAS are zero. There are only costs incurred when referrals are made to the service. Massive savings to budgets can be made.


We are one of the only providers to provide a fully comprehensive package. Our service operates twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, for both adults and juveniles. This means that joint funding arrangements can be made to cover the price of the service. All departments within social services, which could include EDT, Adult Service, Learning Disabilities Teams, Substance Misuse Teams and YOTS, can contribute, as we provide a service to all. There are few other schemes that can offer such a level of cover.


The cost of our service becomes even lower if we come to a sole provider agreement.

There is a hidden price in not using a professional service.



Voluntary Organisations will charge a fixed annual rate



The cost of our service becomes even lower if we come to a sole provider agreement