Guide to Our Reparation Service

Reparation ServicesWe can identify and arrange the placements, conduct health and safety checks on the placements, obtain medical consent from parents, organize the sessions, and provide the personnel to supervise the sessions, simply work with existing placements that have been identified and used by the YOT.

We always have a bank of supervisors to ensure that all sessions are covered. The Young person is given all of the dates and times for their sessions at the beginning of the order thus ensuring that orders are completed within the specified time. The panel are given a list of available placements so they are aware of possible activities.


We will always aim to organize placements within the community local to the young person. These placements are sought from charitable organizations and examples of some of the types of placements that we currently use are:

  • Local Community projects
  • Local Elderly Residential Units
  • An Allotment
  • Community and Church Cafés
  • Supporting Local Charity events
  • Leisure Centres
  • Nature Reserves
  • Children’s Playgrounds
  • Youth Projects
  • Resident Associations
  • Police Community Projects
  • Charity Shops


We are able to undertake direct reparation involving the victim, or indirect reparation to the community.


We will liaise with the YOT to try and coincide reparation sessions with other requirements of the order, and will always obtain the availability and other commitments of the young person prior to booking any sessions.


We will contact the young people in writing informing them of the sessions that have been booked for them and again will make contact with the young person the day before every session to remind them, this will help to reduce non attendance. In the event of a non attendance, the YOT will be informed immediately. We will complete an action sheet detailing individual sessions, and fax this to the YOT on the day the session is completed, ensuring that the YOT systems are kept as up to date as possible. We can provide the YOT with a weekly position statement detailing the number of hours each young person has completed, and the number of hours outstanding.


Group work

We are happy to arrange group work sessions, or individual sessions, we will always liaise with the YOT to organize sessions that best suit the needs of the young people. We also understand that there may be occasions when particular young people are not suitable for work in groups, and can arrange individual sessions.



As with all the services TAAS provide, the Restorative Justice Service and Reparation Service are designed to fit around the needs of the YOT. We can provide the fully comprehensive service, or simply be used for individual cases or young people.


We can use current placements that have been identified by the YOT, and if necessary conduct all the relevant health and safety checks before work commences.


We understand that there is a need to be flexible and work around the commitments of the young people, meaning that we are happy to supervise sessions after school, at weekends, bank holidays and during school holidays.

We offer a fully comprehensive reparation service.



Reparation Services - painting and decorating


We remind the young person before every session - to reduce non-attendance.



Reparation - gardening


We organise group or individual sessions.