Supervised Contact

Supervised contact sessions between parents and children or sibling contacts
The Appropriate Adult Service offers professional and qualified personnel to supervise contact sessions between parents and children or sibling contacts.


TAAS has been providing supervised contact services since 2001, and to date our clients have been local authorities, solicitors firms or private fostering organisations.

We are able to provide services for both private and public law matters.

TAAS believes that safe and meaningful contact between parent and child is essential to ensure that children develop mentally, physically and psychologically. By providing a safe and secure environment to facilitate these contacts, TAAS can help to promote the relationship between parent and child, or between siblings.

TAAS can work with the local authorities and solicitors to ensure that demands for supervised contacts are met, and that the service provided is of benefit to all involved, this includes parents, social workers, children, foster parents, siblings and solicitors. By providing a service that is flexible and accessible to all, we can help to ensure that those who are able to have supervised access to their children can, and at the same time ensure that the vulnerable children are protected throughout their visits.

The service is entirely independent impartial and cost effective, offering a safe and effective solution to social workers, parents and children.


Our Comprehensive Supervised Contact Service

All children involved in either divorce, separation or care proceedings benefit from contact with both parents. It is essential that the contact caters for the needs and safety of the child, as well as the needs of the parent.


Particularly in cases where the child is subject to care proceedings, the court needs to satisfy themselves that the parents are able to meet the needs of the child and care for them in an appropriate way. Often the child has been removed from the family home due to suspected abuse, violence or neglect, and it is paramount to the child's welfare that any contact with their parents is supervised.


However the family social workers are historically not the best people to undertake the supervision, primarily due to the animosity felt by the parents. Any contact time with the social worker, or representative from social services present can be marred by the destructive relationship between the supervising social worker and the parents.


Parents often seek to blame the social worker for taking their child away from them, and can become violent or aggressive towards the worker. This is detrimental to the child as well as placing the social worker at extreme personal risk.


How The Appropriate Adult Service Can Help

The Appropriate Adult Service can provide appropriately trained and qualified independent workers to supervise the contact sessions, and then prepare a comprehensive report to the social worker about the contact session.


All of the activities are always child centred to ensure that the contact is a positive experience This can happen in a contact centre, can be activity based, or in the parent's home. Ensuring the safety of the child is paramount and TAAS will work in partnership with all the parties to ensure that the contact is a positive experience for all. TAAS is able to offer multiple supervisors for large family groups.


TAAS recognises that the purpose of supervising contact with relatives is to protect the interest of the child. If it is considered that contact should be supervised by the Local Authority or court they will have made the decision based upon and will clearly evidenced that either:

  • Supervision is necessary to safeguard the child's welfare,
  • Supervision is part of a plan agreed and required by the Family Proceedings Court or other family court,
  • Supervision of contact is necessary in order to undertake an assessment
    (not all such cases will be in care proceedings)

When contact is supervised, records of the contact sessions will be written up by the supervisor and sent to the relevant social worker within 48 hours of the contact taking place. The need for supervision will be kept under regular review by the Team Manager and TAAS.


Supervised Contact through The Appropriate Adult Service Ltd

Contact requires very careful management and supervision to prevent any potential disruption to the child's placement. Attention must be paid to children's views of the importance of different family members, and ensuring the child's welfare and safety during contact. Clear boundaries must be set for contact, distinguishing between contact with different family members, for different purposes and different contexts the views of foster carers who are vital in helping children make sense of their family structures must be valued and reported on in the contact report if necessary. Where appropriate, other members of the young person's social support network who could provide care and attention may be identified and involved in the contact.


Flexibility may be required around the timings and venues of the contact session and any variation request should be directed through the child's social worker.


Positive, continued contact can help the looked after child settle in placement, especially if it is respected and promoted during their foster care experience.


Contact, however occasional, will continue to have value for a child even when there is no question of returning to his or her family. These contacts can keep alive a child's sense of his or her origins and will keep open options for family relationships in later life.


Our contact supervisors can transport the young person from their foster placement to the designated meeting place, and then return them to the home. This also ensures that the location of the foster placement remains confidential. In addition, the child will benefit from a period of reflection prior to and following each session.


Our supervisors also have the benefit of not knowing the precise details of the individual case, meaning that the contact is supervised in an entirely independent way. Obviously essential information and any potential risks need to be disclosed, but no other case history needs to be known in order to effectively supervise the contact. They are trained to establish a positive relationship with all parties ensuring that conflict during and after the contact are kept to a minimum.


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trained and qualified independent workers



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Supervised Contact



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