Employee Training & Background

Training of Appropriate Adults

Any new employee will not be allowed to attend a police station alone until they have undergone sufficient training, and satisfied the management that they have sufficient competence to fulfill their role as an appropriate adult.

All basic awareness training for appropriate adults include:

  • The legal context in which the appropriate adult can be used
  • Confidentiality of the interview
  • Lack of privilege over information provided by interviewee to appropriate adult
  • Description of the role of an appropriate adult before, during and after a police interview
  • Description of the role of an appropriate adult at precognition, court and other settings
  • Need to leave any professional role behind
  • Do's and don'ts of appropriate adults
  • Recognition of terms used within interview situation
  • Description of court procedures
  • Appropriate adults and conflicts of interest
  • Police procedures relating to juveniles and mentally disordered people, including arrest and custody
  • Police interview procedures including the taking of voluntary statements
  • Access to legal representation
  • Identification parades
  • Intimate searches
  • Effective communication and listening skills
  • Negotiation Skills
  • Dealing with Challenging behaviour
  • Good Practice in dealing with people with Mental Illness
  • Report writing and observation techniques
  • Role of Solicitor vs Role of Appropriate Adult
  • Data Protection
  • Equal Opportunities
  • Body Language
  • Health & Safety
  • Youth Justice System
  • Reprimands & Final Warnings

The ongoing training would include:

  • Study of legal precedents of cases involving appropriate adults
  • Role playing in interview situations
  • Understanding the needs and responses of juveniles and mentally disordered people
  • Police procedures for dealing with mentally disordered people and juveniles.


Only the most suitable candidates progress to acting as an Appropriate Adult.



All employees undergo an extensive training programme.



New employees must have sufficient competence to fulfil their role as an appropriate adult.