Victim Empathy Programme

TAAS Victim Empathy ProgrammeTAAS is able to offer a Victim Empathy programme for Young People. We are able to offer this in a group work setting or on an individual case basis.

The course we deliver is flexible and adaptable and can be used for young people of different ages, offences, backgrounds and abilities. It recognises that young people who have offended are often victims themselves.


We base our programme on the “What Have I Done” programme by Pete Wallis. It is designed to encourage empathy in young people who commit crimes. Victim empathy work helps the offender to acknowledge that real people have been harmed by their actions.


A young person who engages with restorative justice programmes learns about the impact of their behaviour which can lead to improved self control, higher self esteem and better motivation. They may build greater intimacy in their personal relationships and are better able to resolve future conflicts. This can and often leads to reduction in reoffending.


Encouraging empathy for those that have been hurt by their behaviour allows the young person to reflect on the harm their behaviour has caused to others, and encourages them to consider what can be done to repair some of that harm.


TAAS’s Victim Empathy programme can be used as a stand alone course, or as part of the young persons’ reparation programme, which can then help to alert the YOS to identify more practical reparation task that the young person would like to do to pay back for their offence. The Victim Empathy work can be done in parallel with any direct or indirect restorative work that the young person is completing.


The Victim empathy work cannot be described as a restorative approach unless there is a direct benefit to those who were effected by the crime. However it may be the aggrieved person wants to be involved, but the young person is showing little or no remorse. This programme can unlock the potential for this type of work at a later stage.

As with all TAAS’ services this service can be commissioned on a spot purchase arrangement, so can be used as a back up to current arrangements, or as a stand alone service.


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