What is an Appropriate Adult?

The Appropriate Adult Service provides Triage, Reparation services, Restorative Justice and supervised contact services 24 hours a day, seven days a week An appropriate adult should be someone who is completely independent of the police and, where possible the interviewee. They should have a sound understanding of, and experience or training in, dealing with the needs of juveniles or mentally disordered people.


TAAS provides a professional body of such people, who are available twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.


We are a nationwide company, and are able to provide a service in any area with a relatively short lead in time. We are the fastest growing independent provider of Appropriate Adult Services, currently working all over London across England, Wales and Jersey. We provide services to Independent RSU’s, independent fostering agencies& care homes, Serious Crime Groups, Youth Offending Teams, Adult Services Teams, Police Stations, Learning Disability Teams, Substance Misuse Teams and Solicitors firms.


We believe by providing this service that unnecessary delays caused whilst in custody can be considerably reduced. These delays often lead the interviewee to become unnecessarily stressed, and could in some instances influence the accused into making a premature confession.


By making specialist, trained appropriate adults readily available TAAS can ensure that all requirements of PACE
are fulfilled. Presently, without this professional service, the potential for abuse, exploitation and unreliable
testimony exists and inevitably, vulnerable people are suffering.


TAAS is able to provide a fully completed referral form to the social services within twenty four hours of our
attendance. We are happy to complete a referral form designated by the local authority, develop a new one with
the authority of use one of our own referral forms. A small report is made on these forms following every job, to
ensure that all records are kept entirely up to date.


Our service can operate in one of two ways: -

The police contacts us directly, and we then attend according to any pre agreed referral criteria.
The police contact the social worker in question, who then contacts us and ask us to attend.

Appropriate Adult Service:

We have a 100% record of meeting all referrals made to the appropriate adult service, and our average response time is just 40 mins. The appropriate adult service is fully comprehensive and includes all the monitoring and reporting as required by the Youth Justice Board.



Triage is designed to make rapid assessments of young people and to assist in the decision making process as to whether they need to enter into the criminal justice system. The main aim is to reduce the number of young people entering the Youth Justice System for low level offences.

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Our reparation service can include the coordination of the entire scheme, including identifying placements and conducting health and safety checks, or provide individuals to supervise the sessions as arranged by the YOT.

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Supervised Contact:

As with all the TAAS services, the supervised contact service is entirely flexible and designed around the needs of the service user. We can provide transport to and from the session, and will supervise contacts in the family home, in contact centres or more activity based contact sessions.

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